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Young Marines is a program that not only provides physical activity for children, but also teaches discipline and leadership skills which help teach our Young Marines to become productive members of society. 

Poudre River Young Marines regularly volunteer for community activities ranging from directing traffic during organized walks and working with the food bank, to providing Color Guard for professional teams. Volunteering for events help our Young Marines improve their self-confidence and allow them to build their social skills. A large benefit of volunteer work is the ability to see the impact it has on the lives of others and to improve our community. 


The Young Marines spend time in a classroom setting learning how to read topographic maps, use a compass, and learn the Young Marine creed and Obligation which carry over into their daily lives. Young Marines also learn important life saving skills such as CPR, First Aid, and Fire Prevention. 
Ribbons are awarded according to accomplishments by the Young Marine.  As ribbons are earned so is the chance to gain a higher rank and more responsibility within the Young Marines and our Unit.198335217_4054551691292453_1724838766661558838_n

We believe in a drug free lifestyle and teach the Young Marines about the dangers of drugs. 

Physical Fitness tests are given to challenge the Young Marines to keep themselves physically fit.


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