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Breakdown of daily schedule for Young Marines on a normal drill night:

Time Event Uniform Location Instructor Reference
1745-1750 Arrival PT Drill Deck Adjutant  
1750-1800 Formation, Roll Call, Pledge of Allegiance, Creed, Collection of Progress Reports PT Outside Platoon Sergeant YM Basic Guide Book P.O.2: E.O.3, T.O.M.
1800-1840 YM: PT PT Outside YM's YM Basic Guide Book P.O.9: E.O.2, T.O.M.
1840-1855 YM: Change into BDUs, head & water call BDUs   Staff  
1855-1935 YM: C.O.D. BDUs   SDI & YM's YM Basic Guide Book 
1935-2005 YM: DDR BDUs Classroom YM's  

Head & Water Call

BDUs   Staff  
2010-2040 YM: Class room BDUs   YM's YM Basic Guide Book 
2040-2045 Clean up BDUs Classroom/Drill Deck YM's  
2045-2055 Closing Ceremonies BDUs Drill Deck Platoon Sergeant YM Basic Guide Book P.O.2: E.O.3, T.O.M.
2055-2100 Dismissal BDUs Drill Deck UC  

Breakdown of upcoming Training Subjects for 2020

January 17th
Qualified Field Skills 4-6
Bring items to build a survival kit
Fire Pit needed to learn how to build and start a fire
January 24th
Qualified Field Skills 7-12
Building shelters
Tying Knots
January 31st
February 7th
Map & Compass 1-2
Bring your maps (topographical preferred)
February 14th
Map & Compass 3-5
Bring your compass
February 21st
Essential Subjects 1-5
Bring your boot Polish
Bring an Iron/Ironing Board/Spray Starch 
February 28th
March 6th
Essential Subjects 6-8
March 13th
Leadership 1-4
March 20th
Citizenship 1-5
March 27th
April 3rd
All parents will need to help
April 10th
Close Order Drill
 Come in Uniform, no PT Gear
April 17th
Recruit Graduation


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